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Kenwood School Computers and Technology

Kenwood School is proud to offer instruction in computers and technology to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. All students in the first through sixth grade visit the lab at least once a week for instruction ranging from basic keyboarding skills to creating multimedia presentations and basic webpages. Kindergarteners begin visiting the lab weekly in November each year.

In the primary grades, computer instruction is intended to supplement the academic curriculum taught within the regular classroom, using the computer to reinforce and practice concepts. In the intermediate grades, the focus shifts towards using the computer as a tool to gather and present information, through keyboarding skills, electronic encyclopedia and Internet searching skills, and through computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher. Other applications are utilized such as Inspiration and Oregon Trail to reinforces concepts in writing and social studies.

Kenwood is proud to feature multimedia projectors and laptop computers in each classroom, allowing teachers to integrate technology into lessons. Each classroom has the capability to project images from computer, videocassette or DVD sources in a size that can be easily seen by all students in a class. Many classrooms are equipped with Phonic Ear systems, amplifying the teacher's voice to make it clearer and easier to hear for students.

Kenwood students receive other opportunities to work with technology. Twice a year (typically after school in the spring and during the summer) a digital video production class is offered to students, giving the opportunity to write, shoot, and edit original short movies. Additionally, digital photography classes are offered in conjunction with the art specialist.

Students have many opportunities to work with technical theater equipment as well. Kenwood students work the lights, sound, and special effects in the school's many productions, performances and concerts throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the computers and technology program at Kenwood School, please contact John Magnoli, Technology Specialist at 707-833-2500 x15 or by e-mail at jmagnoli@kenwoodschool.org


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