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Contact Kenwood Elementary School

Kenwood School can be reached in many ways. For more information about Kenwood School by e-mail, please contact District Secretary Suzanne Borgert, suzanne@kenwoodschool.org.

We can also be reached by telephone at (707) 833-2500, or by fax at (707) 833-2181

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 220, Kenwood, CA 95452

For information, inquiries, and suggestions about this website, please e-mail Technology Specialist John Magnoli, jmagnoli@kenwoodschool.org


Kenwood Elementary School District
230 Randolph Avenue, P.O. Box 220
Kenwood, CA 95452-0220
Tel (707) 833-2500 - Fax (707) 833-2181

Kenwood School is a
California Distinguished School

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This page last updated: January 10, 2011