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Kenwood School District Information

Kenwood School District is a single-school district, with a grades K-6 school. The district is governed by a 5-member elected board of trustees. Bob Bales is the District Superintendent / Principal.

The school district office is run by a team consisting of Suzanne Borgert, District Secretary, Anne Kopache, Business Manager, and Jodie Taylor, Business Services.

Kenwood School's programs for enrichment in the learning environment and other fun activities for students, their families, and the community are made possible by Kenwood Education Foundation and the Kenwood School Association.

Please follow the links to the left to find out more information about Kenwood School District and its supporting groups.






Kenwood Elementary School District
230 Randolph Avenue, P.O. Box 220
Kenwood, CA 95452-0220
Tel (707) 833-2500 - Fax (707) 833-2181

Kenwood School is a
California Distinguished School

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