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Our PE Philosophy

       According to the National Standards for Physical Education, a physically educated person: 1) is competent in many movement forms and proficient in a few movement forms; 2) applies movement concepts and principles to understand and develop motor skills; 3) leads a physically active lifestyle;
4) maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness; 5) behaves in ways that are personally and socially responsible in a physical activity settings; 6) understands and respects differences among people in physical activity settings; and 7) understands that physical activity can provide enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.
     While meeting the above standards I want my students to feel safe, physically and emotionally, in Physical Education. In many ways Physical Education is the heartbeat of education where emotional and physical intelligence can be expanded and applied to today's as well as tomorrow's challenges.

Kenwood's Physical Education Philosopy Acronym

K indness= Self respect& "other" respect. It takes courage to be honest, kind and caring. It takes strength to be gentle.
Effort= Always try your best. There is no failure in losing if you gave everything you had to give.
New= In with the new P.E. out with the old.
Win graciously= It's not whether you win or you lose, it's how you play the game that counts.
Ownership= Be responsible for your actions and behavior.
Obey the Rules= Play fair in games and in life. If it's not fair for all, then it's not fair for anyone.
Do It= Just Do it!!! Participate, move, play, practice, challenge yourself every day.


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