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This website is designed to help parents follow what's happening in class throughout the school year and to provide information that will help your child succeed in school.

Mr. T

Notes from Mr. T

The weekly Notes from Mr. T will keep you informed about curriculum, upcoming field trips, and other important matters.

Please note that I am available to meet with parents in person almost any day after classes end. (Please arrange to do so beforehand.) I can be reached by phone through the office number (833-2500). Or you may contact me through e-mail at mterwilliger@kenwoodschool.org



To help you keep track of your child's homework, all major assignments will be posted on the Assignment Calendar.



On the Resources page you will find additional information that may be useful for you or your student.


Readers Corner

To help your child become a better reader, check out the Readers Corner.

Student Blog

Student Work

Throughout the year students will be sharing their poems, stories, essays, news articles, interviews, and more on the Student Work page.

Ocean Guardians

Ocean Guardians

Check out the Ocean Guardians page to get the latest news about what the Kenwood School Ocean Guardians are doing to protect our local watershed and ocean and what you can do to help.

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